The financing company Affirm has created the Affirm customer service number to help out all its customers. So, all the customers and other users can now use the service number to contact Affirm customer support.

The company believes in keeping its customers served with the best possible financing services. Keeping the same motive in consideration it has created the customer support system to provide 24/7 assistance. You can use the Affirm service contact number to contact the company’s customer support during working hours in the USA. You can seek the resolution of any type of query or complaints concerning the services of Affirm.

How to contact Affirm?

Well, there are several methods other than Affirm customer service number to seek customer support from the company. You can check out all the methods below.

Email Services– Email is probably the best and most professional method to contact Affirm customer support. You can mail your complaint or query to Affirm at

Calling Method – Calling is the other option that users can choose to contact Affirm customer support. Feel free to contact customer care at 1-855-423-3729

Service Centers – Customer also has the service centers visiting option to seek live in-person assistance from the Affirm customer support. You can visit the nearby service centers of the company in the USA.

Affirm Application– Affirm has its own mobile application on which customers can reach customer support. The application can also be used to avail the various kinds of other finance-related online services from the company.

Affirm Social Networking Platform – The finance company Affirm is also having its own social media handles for its customers. They can choose to contact Affirm customer support at their offices Facebook, Twitter, Instagram social media handles.

Affirm Customer Service Phone Number

Calling is the prompt and the quickest method to reach Affirm customer support. You can call the company during its working hours on Affirm customer service number.

Affirm Primary Customer Support Number USA – 1-855-423-3729

Kindly note that the above-mentioned number is only applicable for the USA customers of Affirm finance company.

How to talk to Affirm customer care?

Well, with a valid Affirm customer support number you can easily speak with a customer support executive. You should further take care of some prerequisites before talking to customer support.

  • You should be specific with your query or complaint regarding the services of the company.
  • If the complaint or query is user-specific then you have to provide the user valid id to seek support.
  • Furthermore, you should also provide ample information regarding the particular transaction or loan sanctioned transaction.

Affirm Customer Service Email

If you want to contact Affirm finance services by email then you always have that option with you. All you have to do is to send the email to their correct email address. You can expect a reply to your mail during the same day with the proper resolution of your query or complaint.

Affirm Primary Customer Support Email –

Affirm Customer Service Centre

The finance company Affirm is having ample numbers of service centers at various locations around the USA. So, as a customer, you always have the option to make your visit to its services center to seek quick customer support. You may visit the official website of the company to find information on its services center locations.

Affirm Social Media Handles

Social media platforms are the other sources where you can reach Affirm customer support during any time of the day. You just need to type your query at Affirm’s social media handles wall and tag the company in your query. You can below check out the official social media handles of the company.

Affirm Application – Mobile Application

You can find the official mobile application of Affirm finance company both on Google play store or apple store as well. So, install the application today to also contact Affirm customer support services. You can use the below-mentioned link to download the application from the play store.

  • Install the application on your mobile phone and sign up for the new account.
  • After the registration just log in with the same new account.
  • Now as you are logged in to the application you can use all the mobile services of the company.
  • Go to the top left section of the application to explore all the options.
  • There you will find the option “contact us” click on the same option.
  • Subsequently, this option will redirect you to Affirm customer support services.

So, this is how you can use any of the above-mentioned methods to contact Affirm customer support. Feel free to share the article with others as well so that they can also seek to Affirm customer support on their loan urgency.

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