Get the exclusive Amazon Prime customer service number and seek 24/7 assistance from the company on your queries and complaints. Amazon has created a dedicated customer service number to reach out to all its subscribers on the prime services.

Amazon Prime is basically the video streaming and parcel delivery-related services from the company. The company offers digital content streaming services on its prime portal and also offers fast courier services to its customers.

How to Contact Amazon Prime?

Well, Amazon and Amazon Prime both are services offered by the same company. You can therefore reach the company by using the same service portal. Here below are the standard methods to contact Amazon Prime Customer support.

Email Services–¬† Amazon has offered open email customer support to all its prime customers. You can therefore mail the company at¬†with your any query or complaints.

Calling Method – Calling is the other prompt method to contact Amazon Prime customer support and seek a quick response. You can call the company at 1-800-3000-9009 during the working hours of the company.

Service Centers – Amazon is having a number of service center locations around the USA. You can find one of its nearby services center locations and reach the company there.

Amazon Application – Amazon application is available on Google play store for installation. You can install the application now to contact Amazon Prime customer support from the application.

Amazon Social Media Platforms – Contact Amazon Prime customer support on its social media handles. The company is available there to help its customers out during working hours.

Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone Number

There are people who mostly prefer using the calling method to get customer support. We understand this preference of our readers as it ensures quick customer support. You can here check out Amazon Prime’s customer service number to contact the company.

  • Amazon Prime Customer Service Number USA – 1-800-3000-9009

How to talk to Amazon Prime customer care?

Well, there are some prerequisites that users should follow before calling Amazon Prime customer support. You should keep all those prerequisites in your consideration before speaking with customer support.

  • First of all, make sure you call customer support only during working hours.
  • Secondly, you should have the proper query or complaint to seek customer support assistance.
  • Further, you should have all the required information regarding the concerned query or complaints.
  • In case of payment failure or payment refund, you should provide the complete transaction record to customer support.

Amazon Prime Customer Service Email

Well, if you have some patience then we believe you should choose the email method to contact customer support. It’s the most covered method to contact Amazon Prime customer support. You can check the email contact address of the company below and then send your email accordingly.

Amazon Prime Customer Service Centre

If you are not getting the required support from Amazon online customer support then we urge you to choose the service center method. You can make your visit to the Amazon customer service center during any working hours of the company. We believe at the Amazon customer service center you will get satisfactory customer support for your general query or complaint. We advise you to visit the official website of the company so as to find the correct service center address of the company.

Amazon Prime – Social Media

In the digital age of the internet, Amazon has established its own social media handles where customers can address the company. You can reach the company with your complaints and queries at its official social media handle below.

Amazon Prime – Mobile Application

Well, Amazon Prime subscribers can now install the official mobile application of Amazon. They can use the application to avail the various services of the company and also contact customer support. You can install the mobile application from the mentioned link.

  • Install and open the application from the above-mentioned link.
  • Signup for the new user account and then log in with the same information.
  • Now as a registered user you can use the mobile application of Amazon prime.
  • Go to the top left side and scroll down to find the “contact us” option.
  • Click on the same option and you will be redirected to Amazon Prime customer support.

So, with the above-mentioned methods, you can reach Amazon Prime customer support. You can use the Amazon Prime Customer service number or another method to contact the company. Kindly share the article with other users as well who are seeking Amazon Prime customer support.

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