Amazon has created an Amazon customer service number to maintain the trust between the customer and the company. It treats its customer as its own family. The company believes that if the customers are happy then they will always give positive feedback to the company.

Amazon customer service number 

If you are unsatisfied with their service or if you have any idea which you think will help them to make their services better then please contact the company at their customer service number any time.

How to contact amazon?

Amazon provides various ways for our customers to make contact with us. The ways through which you can contact amazon are

Email Service – Mail your query to the amazon support section (, they will examine your request and then respond to your query within 2 hours.

Calling Service – Calling the company is also a good option in which you can talk to their representative directly. You just need to dial the following number on your phone, (877) 375-9365, and start your conversation with the representative.

Service Centers – Visit your nearest amazon service center if you want one on one talk with the companies representative, they will solve your problem without any delay.

Amazon App – Download the amazon app from the play store, and contact the amazon customer service from the app’s options.

Amazon Social Networking Websites – you can even use social networking sites to contact amazon as you can directly message to their social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

You can contact the company by any of the above means and they will welcome you warm-heartedly and hear your complaint patiently.

Amazon Customer Service Phone Number

If you are the type of person who always clears their query by talking to the other person directly rather than chatting with them, then worry not because amazon respects you and provides amazon customer service phone number.

  • (877) 375-9365 – Amazon Alexa (In the US)
  • (206) 922-0197 – Amazon Alexa (outside of the US)
  • (833) 674-7268 – Amazon business American express card
  • 1 888-280-4331 Amazon customer service toll-free number
  • 0870 280 2518 — Amazon UK
  • 0800 496 1081 — Amazon Europe
  • 1-206-266-2992 — Amazon Australia
  • Live Chat

How to talk to Amazon customer care?

If you are contacting an amazon customer service center, there are few things you should always keep in mind. There are few prerequisites or few things which amazon can ask you to avoid scams and maintain trust between customers and amazon. While talking to the service center you should hold your id proof, your email id, your product details like(your product id, your purchase date, your receiving dates, your payment method) with you.

Amazon Customer Service Email

If you want to contact them on email id, then amazon also provides an amazon customer service email id. Their email responding team is very responsive and always responds to your email query within two hours of receiving the email. You can mail your query to our mail id mentioned below.

  • The primary email address for account support is
  • The primary email address for general support inquiries is

Amazon Customer Service Centre

You can also come to talk to our sales person directly by reaching to your nearest service center. Fortunately, Amazon has many services centers in every part of the nation. Amazon is currently working rigorously for increasing the number of service centers so that you don’t have to go through any problems. If you are having difficulty in finding the nearest service center near your locality. In that case, you can even call our customer service phone number. After that, they will guide you to your nearest service center.

Social Media – Amazon

In the growing world, everyone is on social media in one way or some another way that’s why amazon provides its customers with an amazon’s personal social media page where you can contact us.

Amazon Application – Mobile App

Amazon also has its app where you can contact us. Just go to your phone’s play store and download the Amazon app. Or

just click on the link – shopping

After installing the app on your phone follow the following steps.

Step 1:- Open the app and log in

Step 2:- After that click on the options (three horizontal lines present at the corner of the topmost point) and it will open up a scrolling

Step 3:- Now scroll down to the end of the bar and there you will find an option named “Customer Service ”. Click on that and it will open up a new portal.

Step 4:- Now click on the “Contact Us ” option

Amazon Customer Service Number

Now from here, you can choose any option according to your convenience.


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