You can here make your student loan query at the Fedloan customer service number. If you are willing to apply for a student loan while living in the state of Pennsylvania then Fedloan is one of the decent options available in the state. Fedloan is basically the student loan agency that works with the Pennsylvania Higher Education Authorities.

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The aim of the Fedloan loan agency is to reach out to every student who is struggling financially to carry on their further studies. So, if you are also one of those students who are unable to carry on their further studies due to financial constraints then you can reach the Fedloan for seeking loan approval. Kindly, note that the Fedloan customer service number is only in operation for the students of Pennsylvania USA.

How to Contact Fedloan

Well, there are several ways suggested by the Fedloan by which students can reach the federal loan agency. They can make their queries or raise any kind of concern or complaint by using the following mediums.

Email Support – Email is the most professional and the ideal way to contact Fedloan by anyone. You can reach Fedloan at to seek any kind of assistance.

Calling Support – Fedloan also extends the calling support helpline to all concerned individuals. If you need any kind of calling assistance then feel free to call at 1-800-655-3813 to talk to customer support.

Fedloan App -As you might know that Fedloan now has its exclusive mobile application for all its users. You can install the application on your android phone and access various kinds of services from the Fedloan concerning the loan.

Fedloan Social Media Platforms

Fedloan is also available on several social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The loan agency ensures its utmost availability to all the students of the state to help them at any convenient platform

Fedloan Customer Service Contact Number

Well, if your utmost priority is to reach the Fedloan department by the personal human to human calling then you should avail the calling facilities of the agency. On calling customer support you can directly talk to a human representing Fedloan and states your query or seek any assistance.

Fedloan toll-free number – 1-800-655-3813
Fedloan loan consolidation support- 1-717-720-2110
My Fedloan support- 1-800-699-2908

Kindly be aware that all of the above-mentioned numbers are only applicable for the Pennsylvania state of the USA.

How to talk to Fedloan customer support?

Well, before you call Fedloan customer support kindly make sure that you satisfy some of the important prerequisites. Basically, you need to have a clear-cut question or query to seek a response from the Fedloan. Further, if you are facing or having any concerns on your loan application then keep all your documents readily available. It’s because customer support needs to identify your identity to provide information on user-specific concerns.

Fedloan Customer Support Email

Well, we always urge our readers to use the email services of Fedloan since it’s more sophisticated and also detailed as well. You can type any kind of concern or query and send it to Fedloan at their valid customer support emails.

Mail your school loan support query to Fedloan at
You can seek any in general assistance from Fedloan at

Well, Fedloan generally replies on the same day to resolve students’ queries or complaints as quickly as possible.

Fedloan Customer Service Centre

Fedloan is available at several locations within the state of Pennsylvania for all the state students. You can visit the loan agency at their premises or local customer support office during working hours. Visiting the local Fedloan customer service center will ensure that you get in-person attention on your query and any complaint. You can check out the local address of Fedloan loan agency on their website.

Fedloan at Social Media Platforms

Well, in addition to Fedloan customer service number the loan agency is also available at several social media platforms. The platforms are open and available for all the concerned students of Pennsylvania. You can here check out the social media pages of Fedloan for your quick transition at their personal social media handles.

You can contact the Fedloan at the above-mentioned social media platforms and don’t forget to tag Fedloan in your queries or complaints.

Fedloan – Mobile Application

Fedloan is now providing seamless loan approval services to the student on its mobile application. So, you can definitely install their mobile application from the below-mentioned link to avail their mobile services.

  • Once you install the application then you need to sign up for your personal account.
  • After the signup, you need to log in with your login credentials.
  • Now you are the user of their mobile application to apply for the loan application.
  • You can check out the various kinds of services in the Fedloan mobile application.
  • Go to the top left side of the application and scroll down to find out all the options.
  • Choose the option accordingly to seek customer support on your query.
  • You can also check your loan eligibility using the same application by providing the required information.
  • Once you fulfill the required criteria then you will subsequently be eligible for their loan approval.

So, this is how you can make the most of Fedloan customer service number to get prompt assistance from the loan agency. Kindly share the article with other people as well so that they can also seek convenient customer support from Fedloan.

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