MVA has now initiated the MVA customer service number helpline services for all the vehicle owners who are registered under MVA Maryland. MVA understands the requirement of transport-related services therefore the organization is now available 24/7.

Further MVA being the regional transport office is also responsible to issue vehicle licenses and accepting vehicle registration in the state of Maryland. So all in all MVA is the core transport office of the region which undertakes all transport-related responsibilities and offers the required services to the citizens.

MVA basically stands for the Maryland motor vehicle administration, which is the transport regulatory body in Maryland USA. The organization is responsible to be reported on any kind of vehicle registration/accident/licensing and other transport-related affairs.

How to Contact MVA?

Well, if you want to report any accident to MVA or seek any other vehicle-related information such as license information then you have to contact MVA. There are several ways below by which you can get in touch with MVA.

Email Services –  Email is the most sophisticated and recommended way to communicate with the MVA department. You can mail your query to MVA at

Calling Method – Calling is the other way by which you can reach MVA in almost no time. You may consider calling the MVA at 1-410-768-7000 and you will be talking to the representative from MVA.

Service Center – If you are stuck in extremely critical situations such as reporting an extreme road accident then you should visit the local service center of MVA. In this way, you can directly interact with the MVA officials with any query or reporting any kind of accident on your vehicle.

MVA Mobile Application – MVA also has its own mobile application now to provide various kinds of state transport services. You may install the application now and can also contact MVA with the same application.

MVA Social Media Platform – The transport government of Maryland has ensured its citizens provide seamless vehicle transport-related services. In the same direction, the government has made sure its presence on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

So, in conclusion, you can choose any of the above-mentioned methods to reach the MVA department to resolve any query related to the transportation of the vehicle. It includes all the information regarding the registration of the vehicle, reporting vehicles accident or applying for a license, etc.

MVA Customer Service Phone Number

The citizens of Maryland have the option to reach the MVA transport department through the medium of phone calls. All they need to do is just dial up the correct number of the department during the working hours. The call will get connected with the MVA customer care executive who will guide and resolve you on any query or information.

  • 1-410-768-7000 – General Enquiry & Support

How to talk to MVA customer care?

Talking to customer care at the MVA transport office is quite an easy task to do. You can check out the regional contact number of MVA in the above section of the article. Once you have the contact information then you should be clear as to what kind of information you are seeking from MVA. For instance, if you want to report an accident then you should have all the information about the accident along with the basic details of the vehicle. Likewise, in the license-related query, you should be having your own personal id to check out your eligibility status.

MVA Customer Service Email

MVA transport office suggests the email medium as the sophisticated medium of seeking any kind of customer support from the department. You need to have the correct email address of MVA in order to seek the information on your query or report any unfortunate accident.

So, you need to send your email to the right recipient’s email address at the MVA transport office.

MVA Customer Service Centre

If you are living in the state of Maryland then you have a very easy option to visit the regional customer service center of MVA. You can easily reach the customer service center by checking the address at the website of MVA. Feel free to bring your issue or query to the notice of the transport office and seek immediate assistance.

You can report on any vehicle accidental issue or seeking vehicle registration or license-related information. We advise you to visit the MVA customer service center only with any urgent issues such as reporting the accident.

MVA Social Media Handles

MVA now has social media platform option as well to provide any time customer service support. You can reach MVA on their social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can here check out MVA social media handles.

MVA Application- Mobile Application

MVA is now also available on its official mobile application which you can find on Google’s play store platform. You can directly follow the link to install the application easily.

  • Follow the above-mentioned link and install the application.
  • Now sign up for the new account and then log in to the application with your own account.
  • You can finally see the horizontal line at the top left of the application.
  • Click on the horizontal line and there you will see various kinds of service-related options.
  • You can easily choose any of those options as per the type of service you are seeking from the transport office.
  • At the bottom of the application, you will see the “contact us” option.
  • Click on the option and you will be redirected to the customer service department of MVA.


So, this is how users can now get in touch with MVA by using the MVA customer service number. You can avail of any transport-related services from the MVA by using the MVA customer service number.
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