Seeking any kind of customer support from Sears regarding your online order? You can now contact Sears customer service number to seek any kind of online support from the department store company. Sears believes that there could be nothing better than serving the customers in the best possible way.

Sears is the chain of American departmental stores that are based in the state of Illinois. You can buy almost anything from the departmental chain store such as clothing, footwear, appliances, groceries, etc. Furthermore, if you are facing any issue regarding availing of the services of the company then you can reach their customer support number. The customer support number is there to assist the Sears customers on a 24/7 basis.

How to Contact Sears?

Well, there basically are several ways by which you can connect to Sears customer support during the service hours. The general store suggests multiple ways to assist its customer’s complaints or queries.

Email Services – Email is the very first method by which anyone can get in touch with Sears customer support. You can visit the official website of the sears and send the mail to the company from thereon.

Calling Method– Calling is the other method to reach Sears customer support and is often the quickest method. You can call the company at 1-800-479-5899

Service Centers – Customers can also choose to visit the Sears customer service center in its USA locations. The company has its number of service center locations around the various local places in the USA.

Sears Application – Sears has its official mobile application by which it provides shopping and other types of services to customers. You can install the application and use the same application to seek assistance from customer support.

Sears Social Networking Websites – Sears is now also available on its various social media handles. You can contact the company on their official social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Sears Customer Service Phone Number

Well, if you prefer the calling method to reach Sears customer services then you always have this option. You just need to have the correct customer support phone numbers from Sears so as to call them. You can check out Sears customer service number below.

  • Sears Customer Care Number – 1-800-479-5899
  • Sears Holding Corporation Helping Number – 1- 847-286-2500

How to talk to Sears customer care?

Well, if you are willing to speak with Sears customer service number then you should follow some prerequisites. You can later on move to call the Sears customer support during the working hours.

  • Be specific with your query with the customer support executive and provide ample information on the issues.
  • Keep your customer id available with you so as to prove your authenticity to the responding customer care executive.
  • If the complaint is regarding the product then you should have a valid document regarding the product.
  • In case of payment issues, you should be able to provide the payment method to customer support.

Sears Customer Service Email

Customers always have the option of sending the mail to Sears concerning their queries or complaints. Sears replies to the mail typically within few hours or the same day with the resolution. You can typically send your mail during any time of the day to the valid Sears customer service email.

Sears Customer Service Centre

All the Sears customers in the USA can choose to visit the local customer service center from Sears. The company is available at its all service centers to assist the customers with their respective queries or complaints. We urge you to visit the official website of the company to find the address of Sears customer service centers.

Sears – Social Media Platforms

You can also contact Sears customer support at their official social media handles. The company is available there with its customer’s support to listen to its customer’s grievances or queries. You can reach Sears at their following social media handles.

Sears Application – Mobile App

As we know that Sears is a fully digitally available departmental store with its physical locations as well. You can therefore install Sears official mobile application to contact the company and also seek customer support. Feel free to install the application from the below-mentioned link.

  • Install the application from the above-mentioned link.
  • Sign up and log in with your new account credentials.
  • Now you are all set as the Sears customer to seek online shopping services.
  • Go to the main top left section of the application to find all features.
  • At the bottom of the application, you can see the “contact us” option.
  • Click on the same option and then you will see various methods to reach Sears customer support.
  • Choose the desired method and you will be able to contact Sears customer support.

So, this is how you will be able to reach Sears online customer support with our below-mentioned methods. You can choose Sears customer service number or other ways to seek support from Sears.

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