Are you facing any issues in streaming the digital content with the Sling services? We here have the Sling customer service contact number to help you in this regard. The company believes in providing the ultimate and fully satisfactory services to the customers with its Sling customer support.

Sling is basically a well-known American digital television media streaming service provider company. It offers digital content to the users on their typical television & mobile devices. So, if you face any issue or feel dissatisfied with the services of the company then you can reach them by using the customer support services.

How to contact Sling?

Well, if as a Sling subscriber you have several numbers options so as to reach the company’s customer support. Si, you can here check out all those options for yourself.

Email Services – You can reach out to Sling customer support by using the Sling customer email id support. So, feel free to write your emails to the company at

Calling Services – You can also consider calling the company so as to seek immediate customer support from them. You can subsequently call Sling customer service in the USA at 1-888-361-7149 during working hours.

Service Centers – Sling subscribers also have the option of seeking in-person customer support from the company. They can subsequently decide to visit the service center of the company locally within the USA.

Sling Application – Sling has its official mobile application both on the play store and app stores. You can install the mobile application on your device today and use it to contact customer service.

Sling Social Networking Platforms – You can now visit the official social media handles of Sling services. The digital streaming company is offering its customer support on social media platforms as well.

Sling Customer Service Phone Number

As a Sling subscriber, the Sling customer service contact number is of utmost significance to contact customer support. You can promptly reach Sling customer support with its customer calling support.

Sling Customer Service Contact Number – 888-361-7149

How to talk to Sling customer care?

Well, it’s quite an easier task to talk to Sling customer care by keeping certain parameters into consideration. You can here check out all those parameters for your concern.

  • Be specific with your query or complaint while speaking with Sling customer support.
  • You should also provide your genuine id before seeking any assistance from customer support.
  • You have to provide all the transactional details in case of seeking a refund or payment failure with Sling services..

Sling Customer Service Email

Get the Sling customer service email support services in your use and find the sophisticated way of contacting Sling customer support services. The company generally replies back to email within a few hours or the same day at maximum.

Sling Customer Service Email –

Sling Customer Service Centre

There are a number of Sling service centers in the USA where Sling subscribers can reach the company. So, if you want in-person customer support from the company then we urge you to visit Sling customer services.

You can visit the official website of Sling so as to find the address of the local Sling customer service center. Furthermore, make sure that you make your visit to the service center only during working hours.

Social Media – Sling

Sling is available on its various social media platforms that include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. So, you can reach the company there as per your requirements. You can here find the social media address of Sling customer service.

Sling Application – Mobile Application

Get the official mobile application of Sling here and contact the customer support of the company. Yes, you can use the Sling mobile application to reach out company’s customer support. You can therefore install the application from the below-mentioned link.

  • Install the application by using the above-mentioned link.
  • Next, sign up for the new user account and make your login to the application.
  • Now go to the top left side of the application and scroll down to the bottom.
  • You will there find the option “contact us” where you need to tap on.

So, now you will be redirected to Sling customer support. So, this is how Sling subscribers can use Sling’s customer service contact number for their usage. Kindly share the article with others as well to help the other Sling subscribers.

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