Get the Voot customer service number here in our article and contact the video streaming company for your any queries or complaints. Here in the article we shall discuss the various methods that how our readers can contact Voot customer support easily.

Voot is basically an Indian OTT platform or the video streaming company that is based solely in India. The company has developed its own customer support to extend all possible assistance to its subscribers over its platform. So, if you are not satisfied with the Voot customer service in any manner then you can contact its customer support for your assistance.

How to contact Voot ?

The video streaming company has suggested several ways by which its subscribers can contact the company. We are here mentioning all the possible ways of contacting Voot customer support.

Email – Email is the very first medium by which subscribers can contact the company’s customer support. You can mail your general query or complaint to Voot at

Calling Services – Voot also offers the calling support to its customers by which they can speak with customer care executive. Unfortunately, as of now the company is not offering any Voot customer service number to its subscribers.

Service Centers – Users can consider visiting the service centre or the Voot head office with their queries or complaints. The company is having several customer service centre locations in the country. However, we don’t recommend visiting the service centre until the query or complaint is too complicated to be solved.

Voot Application– You can also visit the Google’s play store to find the official mobile application of Voot. You can install the application in your device and seek the customer support from the same application.

Voot Social Networking Websites – Get the official address of Voot social media handles and contact the company there. You can tag voot in your general query or complaint at the social media handles.

So, users can accordingly choose Voot customer service number or other method to contact Voot.

Voot Customer Service Phone Number

Well, if you are seeking the instant customer support from Voot then calling is the best possible method. As we have discussed above that unfortunately Voot is not extending the calling customer support as of now to its subscribers. So, customers don’t have the privileges to access the Voot customer service number as of now. We highly recommend to use the Voot customer service email to get the quick support from the company.

How to talk to Voot customer care ?

If you are planning to contact the Voot customer support then you should have some prerequisite in your mind. We advise you to consider all those prerequisite before contacting the Voot customer support. Here below you can check out all those prerequisites for yourself.

  • Keep your query precise and to the point before contacting the Voot customer support.
  • Also keep your customer identity handy so as to provide the user specific details to Voot customer support.
  • If the query is regarding the failed payment or regarding the refund then you may also need to provide the record of transaction.

Voot Customer Service Email

Email is probably the best and concrete customer support from the Voot. The company doesn’t provide any calling customer support therfore email is the only possible method. You can send your query or mail to Voot email customer support and expect the reply within the same day.

You can accordingly send in your query or complaint email to Voot customer support.

Voot Customer Service Centre

If you have the urgent query or complaint to be resolved then you can directly visit Voot customer service centre. It will make sure that you get in person customer support from Voot. The chances are high that you will get the best possible assistance on your complaints and queries upon visiting the service centre. You can visit the official website of Voot to find the local address of its service centre.

Voot Social Media Platforms

Voot has registered its presence on its official social media handles as the additional customer support to its customers. You can accordingly visit the official social media pages of company to contact customer support. You can here check out the various social media pages of Voot

Voot Application- Mobile Application

Get the official Voot mobile application in your device and contact the video streaming company instantly. You can install the Voot mobile application by using our below mentioned link.

  • Install the application and then signup for the new user account
  • Login with your user credentials and start using the application now.
  • Explore the various options in application by tapping on the top left side of the application.
  • Scroll down and you will find the option as “Contact Us”.
  • Tap on the same option and you will be redirected to Voot customer support.
  • You can finally raise your complaint or query to Voot by using the mobile application.

So, these all are the possible methods to contact Voot customer support. You can choose Voot customer service number or other method as per your convenience. Feel free to share the article with others so that they can also get Voot customer support for themselves.

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